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You want to learn more about Japan, its culture, history, handcrafts and more? Then the Wanamour Japan Blog is right for you.

Learn about Japan’s fascinating culture

The Japan blog on our website is divided into the following 6 main categories: Travels, Cuisine, Lifestyle, Design & Art, Handicrafts and News. Within each of the categories you will find interesting articles with helpful advice for traveling and food in Japan. Also we provide you with informative posts on traditional, Japanese handcrafts or you can read about Wanamour’s newest projects, events and general updates. Traveling in Southern Japan is also way better for your wallet than spending time in Tokyo, Kyoto and other cities. You can easily find reasonably priced and good accommodation as well as delicious food of high quality. From 5-star gourmet dishes to hearty home cooking, the culinary diversity of Kyushu spoils the visitors‘ tongue. Not only the dishes in Southern Japan are amazing, but also the travel destinations, hot springs and idyllic landscapes.  Welcome to Kyushu!

Wanamour is the Japanese online Shop & Japan Blog based in Düsseldorf!

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We are not only work mates, but we are also friends, who share a common passion for Japan, sake (rice wine) and coffee.

Wanamour’s main goal is to share Japanese culture and design with and  provide travel tips in Japan for Europeans. While doing so, we always take care that the products are sustainable and produced in a traditional manner, as well as to create well researched articles, that are fun to read. But who are the faces behind the scenes? On the left hand of the picture you see our great photographer, Colin. He takes all of our product pictures and provides us with all sorts of photos from Japan. Besides Colin you see the CEO of Wanamour, Yuya. He works on making the website more beautiful, interesting and functional with a lot of dedication. On the right hand of the picture you see Miriam, the Japan researcher and content creator / blogger. Together we are Team Wanamour!

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