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  • Brand: Siwa
  • Color: Red ­čö┤ | Blue ­čöÁ | Black ÔÜź
  • Size: H8.3 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Made in Japan

Material: Soft Naoron

  • Water resistant & tear-proof
  • With recycled plastic + paper
  • Vegan ÔÇô No animal components


  • 30 Days Return Guarantee
  • Shipping within 3 Days
  • Shipping areas: ­čçę­čç¬ | ­č玭čç╣ | ­čçž­čç¬ | ­čç▒­čç║ | ­čç│­čç▒
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The party wallet is very handy and perfectly fits into a pocket of a jacket or hand bag. On the inside there are two compartments to devide coins and banknotes. It can be completely closed with a zipper. Also debit and cash cards easily fit into this little wallet. It is available in the colors: red, blue and black.

SIWA Products are:

Material – Soft Naoron:

This new, paper-like material is produced by the the Japanese comapany Onao with the traditiontional washi-suki method. The process is very similar to the to production of Japan paper (washi). The material consists of an innovative mixture of pulp and recycled, shredded PET (plastic) and polyester fibres. This compination is the reason for the softer, more robust and flexible characteristic of this material in comparison to ‘normal’ paper. Also it is much more dureable and maintains its tear proof property even if it gets wet.

wasserabweisende m├╝nztasche

Design products from Naoto Fukasawa:

In cooperation the Japanese paper manufacturer Onao and the designer Naoto Fukasawa created the product series SIWA – Fashion from paper. His idea was to integrate traditional craftsmanship of paper production into the modern everyday life. Naoto Fukasawa received over 50 national and international awards such as the first place of the US-IDEA-Award and the German iF-Award. On top of that he is one of the leading designers of the Japanese interior design company MUJI.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 8.3 × 11 cm

black, blue, red

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