Philosophy & Concept

Sustainable products

Nowadays, by far too many products are handled wastefully. Therefore, we will only offer sustainable products that have a long life span and that are eco-friendly. We believe that products are not only consumer goods but may also become a part of the consumer’s life. If a product is used for many years there may as well sprout some fondness for that product.

Handmade crafts

aizome werkstatt

The traditional Japanese art of handcrafts is in big parts influenced by the buddhism as well as the cultural movements of the respective eras. Back then, everyday products were maufactured in many small steps by hand, whereas nowadays most of those items are made in mass-production in big factories. But in some small villages and rural areas of Japan, the tradition of making handcrafts is still preserved and part of the local culture.

Natural products

card case siwa

Materials that are typically used in our products such as wood, bamboo, clay, porcelain, textiles and washi paper derrive directly from nature or natural sources. Also all of our products are formed, manufactured or created carefully by experienced artisans. While deciding on our product assortment, we focussed on those made from recycled and regrowing materials. In Japan these materials have a long history in the sector of handcrafts, but the products‘ design is adjusted in innovative ways to the demands of modern life.

Unique handcrafts

porcelain paint

It is important to us, that we provide you with the background information on the fascination manufacturing processes. Furthermore, each product holds its own unique origin and is its own piece of art. We want to help and share the Japanese art of handscrafts also outside of Japan, in Europe.

Simple aesthetics

tobe yaki porcelain from japan

All of our products are subject to the Japanese concept of design called “SOBOKU” which means simplicity. They are plain, elegant and unique and underline the simple beauty of artefacts. The offered goods in our shop are all manufactured in Japan. Our products are attractive items that are very popular in Japan, but still quite unknown in Europe. All products combine tradition and innovation in them, which can be found in many everyday objects that are only waiting to be discovered beyond Japan.

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