Our Friends & Partners

“Alone we achieve so little, but together we can reach for the stars.”

Do you have an idea for a cooperation? Or do you own a shop in Düsseldorf or Cologne area and would like to present our products? Would you like to write a blog article for our Japan Blog ? If your answer is yes, please feel free to contact us at info@wanamour.de. We always keep our eyes open for new opportunities, friends and partners!

Our Friends & Partners

Kulturklüngel 🌍

Kulturklüngel is a local city tour guide and organizer for local travels. They offer multi-, inter- and just cultural adventures in Cologne since 2008. There are also a few tours available for Bonn and Düsseldorf since 2014. The Kulturklüngel office is just around the corner from the “Köln Südbahnhof”. The name of this company is a combination from “culture” and the German word “klüngeln” (*Cologne dialect), which means “to connect” or “to build up realtionships”. So the company name already shows you their idea: Connecting different people and cultures in order to raise mutual understanding. INFO

ANMO Art/Cha 🍵

ANMO Art/Cha is located in a calm little street in Düsseldorf, only a few meters away from the heart of Little Tokyo, the Immermannstraße. Every customer can expect a warm welcome with a hot (or cold) tiny cup of tea and some good talk. ANMO is the cute- minimalist tea and ceramics store of Anna Friedel und Motoko Dobashi, hence the name AN|MO. The staff will also give you some deeper insides in the broard world of east asian teas. INFO

Sumikai – Magazine for Japan & Popculture 🗻

Sumikai is an online magazine, which is run by Shihan Media. At the Sumikai website you find always current information and articles about Japan related topics. Their goal is to inform their readers about all sorts of different topics and news from Japan. The various topics include politics, sports, science, as well as daily life, popculture and travel tips. INFO

Niedergraphy 📷

Our Team member Colin is also a freelancing fotographer, who also runs his own website. On this site he presents his wonderful work and beautiful photos from Japan. A lot of them are from the area around Hiroshima and show majestic rural areas as well as vibrant city sceneries. Luckily we can use those Photos for our blog posts. INFO

Based on Roots 🌻

Our partner Based on Roots is the connetor between the SIWA producers / designers in Japan and us. Once a year they also present these innovative paper products at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). INFO