About us

Hello, we are Wanamour!

wanamour team at rhine river

It’s probably hard to imagine, but Japan has more to offer that sushi, anime and its capital Tokyo. We want to show and explain to you the daily life in Japan apart from pop culture and mainstream.

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Wanamour is a small 2-man-1-woman online shop & Japan blog from lovely Düsseldorf in Germany, but we not only work together, we are also friends, who share their common interest and passion for Japan, Sake and coffee.


The name Wanamour is composed of the Japanese “wa” and the French “amour”. “Wa” stands for Japan or Japanese, but also means peace and silence. What Amour means, is pretty obivous even if one does not speak any French. For all of our products, it is our personal aim to bring you closer to our love for Japanese aesthetics and culture. Also we would like to introduce you to our products that radiate ease, harmony and simple elegance in the tradition of ancient Japanese handcrafts on one hand as well as modern design on the other. On top of this, we always make sure to pick products that are produced from eco-friendly materials.

– Team –

yuya tinnefeld


Konnichiwa, I am the founder of Wanamour, Yu. Since I was born in Cologne, grew up in southern Japan and am back to Germany since a few years, I feel like part of both worlds and cultures. Therefore, I want to support the cultural exchange in my own unique ways. While living in Japan, I came in contact with Japanese art, design, the traditional handcrafts and antiques. It quickly became my passion and this is why I want to share it with you through this online shop.



Hello, my name is Miriam and I am mainly responsible for the content (especially the blog) of this website. By creating content for this website I can live out my passion for Japan, cultural exchange, travels, as well as for sustainable and ecological products. But how did I get involved with Wanamour? I studied Modern Japan studies at my major in university and this is why I sometimes join the German-Japanese language meetups to improve speaking Japanese. At one of those meetups I met Yu and the rest is history.

colin nieder


Hello, I am Colin. I am responsible for the photographic work at Wanamour and try to reduce Yu’s stress level with some shared cups of tea. Event hough I am currently living in Germany, my heart beats for Hiroshima, where I fly to every year. Japanese product philosophy was always fascinating to me: giving everyday objects a subtle elegance and combining art / aesthetics with practical side. I think this is what describes me and also Wanamour the best.


Do you have an idea for a cooperation? Would you like to write a blog article for our Japan Blog?

If your answer is yes, please feel free to contact us at info@wanamour.de

Philosophy & Concept

What is our company philosophy? Do you like to get to know Wanamour more?

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