Tobe Yaki Porcelain – Japans‘ white gold

donburi with udon

Besides the gorgeous indigo patterns, Tobe Yaki is also very convenient for everyday use. Japanese porcelain from the City of Tobe is especially durable due to it’s thicker and dense material.

tobe tea set

On the Japanese island Shikoku, in the prefecture Ehime lies the little town of Tobe, which is the home of Tobe Yaki. There the skilled craftsmen transform porcelain stone from the local stone pits into those beautiful cups, plates and bowls. The trained hands of the potters not only from the Tobe Yaki porcelain, but they also hand paint and glaze the dishes with the traditional blue indigo dye. The natural color is extracted from the indigo plant, which has been growing in Shikoku already since the 17th century.

Porcelain stone und indigo dye

TOBE Yaki – Japans‘ white gold

grapes on a tobe plate
kilned procelain
soba in bowl

High-quality handcrafts from the Ehime prefecture for more than 130 years

The Tobe Yaki products sold at the Wanamour online store were manufactured by Baizan-Gama. They are the biggest and most well-known producer of Tobe Yaki in Japan and look back on a 130-year long history. The company was passed down generation by generation and still produces their Tobe Yaki the same way as they did in the beginning. Each and every piece is formed and painted by hand. The typical patterns, which Baizan-Gama uses are stylistic portrayals of Japans’ flora and fauna. That is why the “Karakusa”, a Japanese climbing plant, is featured very often. If you ever travel to Ehime prefecture, you can not only visit the manufacturing sites, but also see the stone ovens with their impressive fire chambers and the Tobe Yaki museum, which displays Tobe Yaki and it’s changes throughout time.

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